This Q&A functionality is available in the data rooms created after September 8, 2022 according to the subscription plan. Learn about old Q&A settings

About Q&A

Q&A is an essential part of the data room, allowing secure communication between involved parties right inside your project.

We offer a comprehensive built-in Q&A functionality that can be set up according to the specific workflow requirements. Data room administrators decide who can ask and answer the questions, collaborate internally in Q&A, and manage all communication in general.

Activating Q&A

Before proceeding to the Q&A setup and activation, make sure you have invited users to your project, as the Q&A participants can be selected only from the existing data room users.

Once the users are invited to your project, you may proceed to setting up your Q&A workflow.

Q&A participants are divided into the question and answer sides, each having different Q&A roles that can be selected according to your workflow preferences.

Get a quick video overview of the initial setup of Q&A.

Collaborating in Q&A

As soon as the Q&A is activated, all selected users get access to it. Depending on users’ Q&A roles, they can:

The Q&A settings can be adjusted at any time after activating Q&A: add or remove Q&A users, change their roles, edit question teams, or other workflow settings.

When the project comes to the final stage, you can also order a flash drive archive containing selected Q&A activity only.

Learn everything about available Q&A functionalities.

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