Data room closure
How to close the project or schedule its automatic closure for a specific date
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Full administrators can close the project by clicking on the Settings and going to the Project archiving menu.

In this menu, click Close data room and:

  • Decide whether you want to close the project Now or Later:

    • With the option Now, the project will be closed immediately for all project participants, including full administrators.

    • With the option Later, you can schedule automatic data room closure on a specified date and time.

  • You can check the option to order a flash drive archive if this hasn’t been done before closure. Learn more about ordering a flash drive archive.

The scheduled closure will be saved and available for editing or cancellation in the same menu – Project archiving – any time before the closure date.

As soon as the data room is closed, an email confirmation will be sent to all data room administrators. This email will also contain a link to order a flash drive archive, in case you require it later.

Upon closure, the documents in your data room will be stored on our servers for up to 3 years unless the project administrator emails us with the request to erase the data.

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